Toys for Fun

A great meal needs some spice and heat to be satisfying and so does the bedroom. The easiest and most exciting way to spice up your bedroom and sex life is to add some great sex toys to your routine. With all of the options available to us nowadays and the ability to discreetly have them delivered to your door step, everyone should be walking around extremely satisfied. Sensuality and pleasure are a very important part of a fulfilling life and adding some new concepts and toys to the mix can and will absolutely bring your euphoria to the next level.

Let’s first start with the basics. The sex toy industry has revolutionized their products in so many ways that it is no longer necessary to even have a partner to achieve full satisfaction. A quick google search will pull up hundreds of sites that you can browse for toys for self satisfaction. Beginners can start with simple dildos in any shape, size, color, texture or girth desired. These are a fun simple way to reach your desired peak of delight. There are no rules or instructions when it comes to dildos and they can be a simple wand or a much fancier devices with various erotic options.

Women tend to prefer the vibration rabbit type that have features to stimulate the clitoris while penetrating at the same time. The adjustable speeds and functions allow each user to experiment and find the perfect pattern to reach their orgasm.

As we explore dildos deeper, it would be a shame to not include the many textures available. Glass dildos provide a smooth and satisfying entry and the orgasm can be heightened by adjusting the temperature. Some like it hot, some like cold, but all who enjoy will agree the smooth, rubbing sensation of glass will get the job done! The G spot dildo has a nice curve to it that will hit that magic spot and allow your juices to run free and those also come in many shapes and designs but are always a safe bet when trying to reach your full orgasm potential.

The best thing about dildos is that they can be shared with a partner or used to bring your own excitement and can be easily stored away for those impulses and ready to use whenever the need strikes.

Upon graduating from your simple dildo toy use you may find cravings for more excitement and the sex toy industry has delivered on that front. Want to try a double sided dildo for maximum partner pleasure? Or get creative and use both sides on you? The door has been opened and the orgasm made easier. If that’s not your thing, upgrade to an anal plug. Anal plugs might be scary at first but if you start small and build your way up they provide a whole new sensation that you didn’t know you would love. If the plug looks a little intimidating, you may want to start with some anal beads. These again come in many sizes and textures and are a fun and stimulating way to reach arousal. Watch your girl peak to perfection or define your own satisfaction with the insertion of a new and exciting anal toy!

Feeling even more adventurous yet? Bring your euphoria to the next level with some exciting toys for him. Imagine his hard cock fitted to a nice cock ring. The right cock ring can increase his pleasure by 75%. They fight nice and snug and can be single, double or honestly whatever you want to make them. The vibrating variety are increasing popular because of the double simulation they provide. A nice subtle vibration while having oral sex provides an amazing addition to his experience. Or simple penetration while wearing one is an intense and sure way to feel great! One of the newest additions to the cock rings is the ability to have a remote and control them with that remote on your own body or drive your man wild with the unsuspecting press of a button. Any way you fit them they are sure to make his cock harder and your sex better.Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding, Rings

Now it’s time for the serious players toys. Bondage is such an exhilarating way to explore your fantasies together. Behind bedroom doors you can be the master, the submissive or both if you want. Starting with a simple blindfold can increase the senses and raise your passion tenfold . Follow that up with a gag to deliver enjoyment on a wilder scale. Those just touch the surface when it comes to bondage and the ability to shop for anything from a pair of cuffs to ankle restraints is so readily available and easy to navigate that even an inexperienced and curious shopper can find some fun!

Speaking on restraints, they take the charge when it comes to dominance in the bedroom. Imagine your hot girl or guy teathered to that bed post in some sexy lingerie. While teathered to the bed you can do as you please. The best hookup site can help you find someone to practice these things on. Lick, suck, whip, whatever your fancy is. The variety of bondage toys that increase your range of doings include floggers, whips, clamps, feathers for tickling, or paddles for spanking. Who doesn’t get turned on by a fine ass turned red from a good spanking?

Want an even wilder time? Sex swings are so much fun! All the movement and fun of a swing while enjoying crazy and raw sex. Mounting, pulling and pushing on a swing perfectly designed for impeccable delivery and arch is a great way to ensure both partners climax over and over again.

All of these sex toys provide hours of enjoyment and multiple orgasms but it would be careless not to include the simple lubrications and products available to help protect and enhance your experience. For her pleasure, while giving you head try a flavored gel to enhance his sensation and welcome a delicious flavor in her mouth with every gulp. Have him try using a g-spot cream or a clitoral pleasure gel to compliment her orgasm.

As your exploring new anal toys be sure to find a lubricant or lotion to boost your good time. Even condoms can be fun and flavorful!

Anyway you want to try sex toys you will not be dissatisfied! So open that search bar, order and be ready to up your sex game to the professional level!…